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About us

Center of Competences for Advanced Engineering Nova Gradiška

The project has been designed to improve economic development and business competitiveness in eastern Croatia.

The purpose of the project is to improve the competitiveness of the business sector and the whole region, by establishing the RDI infrastructure (research – development – innovations) and increasing investments into the development of new products and services based on RDI activities, with special emphasis on adequate and efficient environmental and resource management.

Experience and tradition in metal processing, mechanical engineering and food production in Nova Gradiška are the determinants of CEKOM NI NG’s activities.

The implementation of the CEKOM NI NG Project will help establish a solid RDI infrastructure, contribute to the development of the regional innovation system, provide support to the private sector’s investments into RDI activities, enable the development of human resources in advanced engineering, strengthen the presence and competitiveness on the international market, foster equal development in Croatia, and position Nova Gradiška as a city of development, knowledge and innovation.

The project includes 7 partners: Industrial Park Nova Gradiška (IPNG), Migautomatika, Klimaoprema, Inin, Hladni Val, Altpro, Mechanical Engineering Faculty Slavonski Brod (SFSB), and collaborators (2) EMPWR and Clarum, as well as development and scientific research organizations (2).

The implementation of 7 collaborative RDI projects also includes the development and commercialization of 7 innovative products new to the companies and the market, employment of 10 new researchers, protection of intellectual property (2 patents, 5 industrial designs, 2 trademarks, 5 processes), increase in the private sector’s investments in RDI activities by 150%, which will contribute to increasing partner companies’ revenues by 229%, exports by 232%, profitability by 462%, employment growth (109 employees), and the establishment of 25 new tech companies.

The total implementation period planned for CEKOM NI NG is 54 months in two phases, the investment phase of 18 months and the operational phase of 36 months.

CEKOM NI NG is based on the application of Advanced Engineering, Automation and Robotics, New Materials as Key Enabling Technologies (KET) and of ICT, which provides the technological foundation and key sources of innovation. Due to the horizontal nature and importance for the entire innovation system, KET and ICT represent means to modernize the industrial base and drive the development of new industries in the area of CEKOM’s activities.

Our vision

CEKOM NI NG is an internationally recognized center for the development of innovative entrepreneurship based on knowledge and new technologies. With a developed RDI infrastructure and services in advanced engineering, it contributes to the enhancement of the regional innovation system, supports business investments into RDI and commercialization of research results, creates prerequisites to strengthen international competitiveness of the business sector, and contributes to the smart and sustainable development of the region.

Our mission

Our mission is the implementation of research and development programs to enhance the industrial sectors of Nova Gradiška and the region, as well as their business competitiveness. Our mission is to “Make future today”.