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Center of Competences for Advanced Engineering Nova Gradiška


  • Construction of CEKOM’s commercial building for advanced engineering, with a total surface area of 3,074 m2, i.e. net surface area of 2,777.84 m2, which includes 559.16 m2 of laboratory premises, 654.53 m2 of office premises, 261.28 m2 of conference and teaching facilities, meeting room and exhibition space, and supporting facilities.

  • Outfitting of a laboratory for 3D technologies, laboratory for high-speed processing, laboratory for automation and robotics, and laboratory for heat treatment.

  • Outfitting of the building with ICT equipment and furniture

TOTAL VALUE: 70 000 000 KN


  • 7 collaborative research and development projects
  • Development and commercialization of innovative products new to the companies and to the market
  • Efficient cooperation and transfer of knowledge and technology between partners from the scientific and business sector

TOTAL VALUE: 24 300 000 KN


TOTAL VALUE: 2 000 000 KN


The Project implementation includes a plan for 7 collaborative research and development projects by Partners (developers of individual research and development projects), with the aim of developing new products and services of high added value.

Research and development activities (IRA):

IRA 1 – Development of light optimized parts for the automobile industry

  • Developer: Industrial Park Nova Gradiška
  • Partners: CEKOM NI NG and SFSB
  • Project value: HRK 5.1 million kn

During this project, we are going to research new, environmentally friendly materials and procedures that will eventually result in a new generation of products. The aim is to adopt the generative design approach as part of the project, which will ensure high quality, efficiency and performance, and then to design and manufacture optimized elements of high added value for the automobile industry.

IRA 2 – Development of 3D printed injection molds with an improved cooling system

  • Developer: Industrial Park Nova Gradiška
  • Partners: CEKOM NI NG and SFSB
  • Project value: HRK 5.1 million kn
Simulation software can provide insight into the approximate conditions, temperature range and thermal tendency taking place in the mold and being fused during the injection molding process. In this way it is possible to optimize the design of the mold and cooling ducts, and thus reduce the need for a larger number of prototypes, avoid potential manufacturing errors, increase the quality of the final product, and launch innovative products in the market sooner. Optimal design of cooling ducts and molds has a complex geometry, and is prism-shaped for few products only, which makes it suitable for production by 3D printing.

IRA 3 – Development of fire protection elements in the ventilation system

  • Developer: Klimaoprema
  • Partners: CEKOM NI NG and SFSB
  • Project value: HRK 5.7 million kn
This project includes the development of products with 90% of their construction consisting of natural materials, such as calcium silicate. Advanced materials, automation and robotics, as interdisciplinary fields that research material properties, and automation of business processes, are applicable in different areas of science and engineering, and represent one of the thematic areas we are going to elaborate in detail in this project.

IRA 4 – Development of robotic systems in the fields of automobile, defense and food industry

  • Developer: Migautomatika
  • Partners: Industrial Park Nova Gradiška, CEKOM NI NG and SFSB
  • Project value: HRK 4.4 million kn
When it comes to optimal robotization of the manufacturing process, the aim is to spend minimum time, energy and materials to manufacture a quality product. Well implemented robotization and automation generally reduce the production cycle duration considerably, thus directly influencing increased productivity. In addition to robotization, each particular type of production requires a certain part of specifically adapted manipulative grippers attached to robotic arms.

IRA 5 – Development of industrial cleaning technology using dry ice

  • Developer: Hladni val
  • Partners: CEKOM NI NG and SFSB
  • Project value: HRK 2.5 million kn

The planned research projects will use, develop and improve several types of key enabling technologies: 3D technologies, high-speed metal processing, automation and robotics, new materials, and ICT.

The planned result of these research and development projects is the development of a dry ice cleaning machine.

IRA 6 – Development of a hydraulic lift for level crossings

  • Developer: Altpro
  • Partners: CEKOM NI NG and SFSB
  • Project value: HRK 2.9 million kn
The project will be used to develop a new type of hydraulic lift (gate arms) to secure level crossings. The project will entail the development of a new system of gate arms which, unlike competing products, will fulfil the majority of international standards and technical specifications of individual countries. Moreover, the product will be specifically upgraded in order to operate reliably in the harshest of weather conditions (cold, humidity…), and thus provide an advantage over competing products in terms of reliability, ease of maintenance, and long operating cycle.

IRA 7 – Development of a traceability management information system in the food industry

  • Developer: ININ
  • Partners: CEKOM NI NG and SFSB
  • Project value: HRK 3.7 million kn
The purpose of the project proposed herein is to create an innovative software product for “Traceability Management” in accordance with market requirements, i.e. to simplify the establishment of a traceability system, thereby enabling companies to compete in the demanding EU markets. The requirements of the modern market (quick response to queries, quick exchange of technical data, proof of technology testing, quick generation of quote calculations, insight provided into the status of production commitments, fulfilment of traceability standards) also set the requirements for significant changes in the technology and work organization in order to communicate with the ERP systems of the buyers of goods and services, and providers of materials and subcontracted services.