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Partners and collaborators

Project partners


Industrial Park Nova Gradiška (IPNG)

The Industrial Park Nova Gradiška was established in 2006, with the aim of developing the industrial zone and attracting new investments. The cooperation of IPNG and the City of Nova Gradiška has contributed with the level of openness towards investors and flexibility with regard to their needs. There are currently several companies of differing sizes and different areas of activity operating in the IPNG, from the food to metalworking industry, employing over 400 local residents.



Klimaoprema was established in 1975, and from a small production facility with 12 employees developed into a producer recognized in the market, with a robotized and automated production facility spanning over a surface area of 43,000 m², and employing 460 people.

Klimaoprema pursues a broad scope of activities, among which special emphasis should be given to the design, manufacture and maintenance of equipment for air-conditioning, ventilation and cleanrooms, and engineering in cleanrooms, design, manufacture, assembly, servicing, balancing, and validation.


Hladni val

The Hladni Val company commenced its operation in 2009. Its production facility with 28 employees is located in the Industrial Park in Nova Gradiška.

The company’s main activity is machining and includes: CNC processing, laser cutting, CNC bending with the abkant press, welding, plasma cutting, and industrial 3D printing and engraving.

Hladni Val manufactures and exports ICEsonic machines for environmentally friendly industrial dry ice cleaning, used in the maintenance of production plants and facilities, as well as for various types of surface dressing.



Migautomatika is a company specialized in the delivery of electrical equipment and process automation equipment. With its clients, in cooperation with renowned equipment manufacturers, it provides equipment and components of automation technology as well as complete technical support.



ALTPRO is a specialized high-tech company developing and manufacturing signaling installations for railway infrastructure and rolling stock. The company’s product portfolio includes train detection systems, level crossing protection systems, and INDUSI based train protection systems (i60 and PZB90). Over 25 years of experience in research, development and production in the railway sector make ALTPRO one of the key factors in the global market, with solutions deployed in over 50 countries on 6 continents.

Currently over 180 experts in 5 locations in Croatia and the region operate in line with ALTPRO’s vision of an innovative, integrated and sustainable approach to railways worldwide.



ININ is a software company from Slavonski Brod which has been in operation for 28 years and is experienced in the development and implementation of software for manufacturing companies (in metalworking, wood-processing, food, construction, chemical industry and service activities). In addition to these applications, ININ keeps up with the latest technologies and development of artificial intelligence (AI)-based applications for quality control in production, but also Smart City applications for cities and municipalities.


Mechanical Engineering Faculty in Slavonski Brod (SFSB)

The Mechanical Engineering Faculty of the University of Slavonski Brod is one of the most significant partners in the segment of science and education. In terms of chronology, in 1962, with the help of the then Technical College from Zagreb, the Center for Part-Time Study in Engineering in Slavonski Brod was established.  In 1979, the Faculty became part of the University of Osijek, and in 1986, at the time already as the Institute of Mechanical Engineering – Mechanical Engineering Faculty, acquired the right to organize and provide study programs for university diplomas i.e. VII/1 level of education (graduate mechanical engineer).

Since 2020, SFSB has been a part of the University of Slavonski Brod. There are currently 965 students studying in the university undergraduate and graduate study programs of the Mechanical Engineering Faculty of Slavonski Brod.

The SFSB includes 5 departments (Department for Mechanical Design, Department for Production Engineering, Department for Materials Engineering, Department for Industrial Engineering, and Department for Energetics) as well as the Chair for Common Subjects.

Project collaborators



Clarum is a privately owned, medium-sized family company. Its core business is the manufacture of pasta of highest quality and high added value. Throughout history, the original dry pasta factory developed into a research and production center for the three most dynamic groups of products in European commerce: dry pasta, fresh dough products and frozen dough products.



EMPWR is a global leader in the manufacture of protein bars, owned by the Belgian company Aminolabs. The production capacity of the factory in Nova Gradiška which employs over 200 people is 250 million bars.